Friday, December 7, 2012

CLUB NSSN 2012 at the Mezz

So technically I didn't win tickets to this show but Kristin and I did get to go for free and we had such a great time we basically did win. In the Charlie Sheen sense... as in we were "WINNING!!!!!!!!!!"

So Atlas Genius from Adelaide, Australia opened up the show... The only reason why I know exactly what city they are from is because they have this little promo on Live105 that plays before their single "Trojans" where the guy says that's where they're from. I'm not that stalkery. Sometimes. Okay a lot.

ANYWHO. They were freaking great! They really knew how to read the crowd and play up or down. I always have to commend artists when they can actually hit their high notes live so well done sir! And it just looked like they were having the best time, which always helps us (the audience) have a great time too. Also, they were pretty hot. I don't know why I wasn't expecting hot guys to come out, I mean come on. They're Aussies (oi oi oi!). OH and they are really, REALLY good at playing their instruments. I thought I had a photo of them but I guess I don't. Le sad.

However... Walk the Moon was next and they were freaking amazing! I love their single, "Anna Sun" and it was even more fun to dance to. I was also super impressed at how well they hit their high notes. They's talented yo!
Walk the Moon. Via PuddingCam on iPhone.

Walk the Moon again :)
 And of course, last but certainly not least. Mr. Mark Foster doing his DJ set. Some idiot yelled, "Play something we fucking know!" And I wanted to shove them and say, "Eejit... he's doing a DJ set. Do you see his band with him? No? THEN SHUT IT." He's such a fun DJ too! I am so glad this time that I have a witness because Mark and I caught eyes... twice. I may or may not have swooned. First time we caught eyes was in Ireland at the Electric Picnic festival in 2011. Twas just as amazing the second time.

If you squint you can see Mark.
Thus ends the first night of me and Kristin's stream of shows :)

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