Sunday, May 16, 2010

first post: win #I have no idea

Hello people who apparently are interested in the fact that I win stuff! Really most of my "stuff" is concert tickets and this will actually be more like a concert review blog but I win most of my tickets, hence the name.

My first post will be about my second most recent and possibly greatest win: Coachella 2010.

How did I win this one? Texting. When? April 12, 2010. What exactly did I win? A pair of festival tickets, camping passes and a Sony bloggie camera. Price value ~$920. ... onto the goods. Where did I win the stuff from? Live105 in SF, CA. Who did I win from? White Menace and Megan Holiday.

Coachella basically rocked my socks off (even though I basically missed all of Friday and was very upset about it) and there are many folds to my reasoning. Oh how I longed to go to Coachella since I learned about it when I was a wee little child (music taste speaking of course) in 2002 when I heard that Bjork and Oasis were going to be playing "together" at some cool event. Pretty much every year after that I tried to some how make it there (and just so you know how musical my life is, I started instantly singing "New York, New York" in my head as I typed that). HOWEVER, I did catch the tail end of Imogen Heap who was outstanding and because I lost one of my hard copy tickets I heard Vampire Weekend but was not able to watch them. Still, from where I was freaking out from, they sounded great. Ezra sounded great with his spot on intonation and flipping of notes (yeah I like to sound like I know what I'm talking about). Last but not least, I experienced the greatness and phenomenal hip-hop/business MOGUL that is Jay-Z, or as Betty White pronounces, Jayz. Oh yeah and a little known artist named BEYONCE joined him for his current single/remake of "Forever Young."

Saturday my friend from San Diego was able to finally make it so I showed her around the camp and festival grounds and then we began our day of musical adventures. We caught The Temper Trap who proved able to hit the ridiculous high notes in person and we also caught the wafting sounds of Gossip and the xx while waiting to meet possibly the most famous electronic DJ from Europe, Tiesto. We reveled in the soothing voice of Corinne Bailey Rae and caught Hot Chip as we made our way over to the beer garden next to the Coachella main stage in time to catch Faith No More.

None of this held a candle to the main act of the event. Muse. Yes they need their own sentence. I have seen them only once before (headlining Live105's Not So Silent Night, which I also won tickets to and a meet and greet with the fantasmic Muse. Don't get your panties in a bunch I will most definitely blog about that later) and of course it blew my mind. Earlier I referred to Jay-Z as greatness and while yes he is great, the awesomeness and absolute incredible talent that is the trio of Muse. The way Matthew Bellamy hits those high notes and then can turn around and rock out like he just took a shot of energy drink is ridiculousity. The drum sounds produced by Dominic Howard does nothing short of shaking my heart and soul and makes me want to dance like no one is around (mostly for the watching and also so that they don't get hurt by my long gangly arms). But who on EARTH can forget the harmonies and deep bass playing of Christophe Wolstenholme?! All of this music put together with a light show that flawlessly accompanied the staggering music put me into crazy dance world that my friend has never seen. I may have scared her a bit but it was worth it.

Sunday was Sunday. Unfortunately, even though I am in my mid-20s, I live at home with my parents who would have had a conniption and a half had they heard that I took off work and drove myself down to the desert so I had to take my leave early my first Coachella experience.

If you have made it this far, congrats. I wish I could do more than just offer you that. But, maybe if you post really nice things you'll be the next to enjoy my next victory/win.

Until the next post (which will happen in the next few days as I have won something else already), toodle-loo

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