Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grammy Awards 2012

Thanks to Capitol Records (a company that I used to work for) I am going to the Grammy Awards this Sunday! This is a HUGE dream of mine come true especially since I'm a music-phile and you can tell a lot about my life just by asking me what I'm currently spinning. So needless to say, I am SUPER stoked. I'm going to pull the "I'm a girl" card and whine about how I have absolutely ZERO idea of what to wear. They emailed a dress code saying "dress to impress" and "hip and trendy." Obviously they have no idea that I have no idea what is classified as "hip and trendy" nor do I know how to "dress to impress" without donning my old prom dress (which probably doesn't fit anymore but that's not the point).

Anywho, they also say that I am not allowed to bring a camera NOR my mobile phone! SHENANIGANS I SAY! God has blessed me with some... things... that I will be using to conceal my phone. Don't worry. I won't get it taken away or I will use my powers as an American and sue the pants off them for sexual harassment.

What's the point of this? Well, this is my first big win of the year! I know the last time I blogged was about Coachella, which was also a huge win, but I think maybe, just maybe, this surpasses it. We shall see. In the next post.

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