Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BFD 2012

I won tickets to BFD and 'twas freaking great. Just good alternative fun. I was in Santa Cruz surfing that morning so I missed a good chunk of it which I was super bummed about missing Walk the Moon, Geographer, Of Monsters and Men, and Grouplove. I saw Neon Trees a couple years ago when they opened up for 30 Seconds to Mars a couple years ago and they were great so I wasn't too sad to miss them. But seriously... the bands I mentioned... I WAS SO FREAKING SAD. Love love LOVE them... ugh. But my love of the sea and family surpassed it that day I guess... I didn't get to take too many photos either because I forgot my real camera and my phone was dying so I had to conserve. Meh. 

Caught Pennywise!!
Fun. via PuddingCam app
So FUN. GET IT?!!?
Love Nate's crazy hair
He was SO dancey! So great :)
Tail end of Cake. A smidgen disappointing but I've seen them before so not too bad.
GARBAGE. SO EFFING GREAT. SO SO SO GREAT. Really wanted to try to "bump into" Shirley but alas, it was not fruitful. Le sad.
Then the phone died. Jane's Addiction blew up the place which was expected. And Silversun Pickups sounded great! Still bummed I missed SO MANY bands but there's always next year. Thanks Live 105!

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