Monday, May 7, 2012

Recap: Grammys 2012

As promised, the Grammy's post (is it Grammy's or Grammys? ... ugh neither one looks correct). How did I explain this huge win to my parents? The Oscars of music. Accurate? Let me know.

So the day started off with my dear friend, H, who let me stay with her even though I wasn't bringing her (before you get all "Oh you're a biotch" to me, she didn't really mind because the person I took, S, is way  more into music than she is and if it were the Oscars then H would've been my first choice). Anywho. I took this GREAT Vietnamese bus service from San Jose to Los Angeles. It took about 5.5 hrs and I pretty much slept the whole time which is great because usually I'm worried about getting pulled over or my poor Fantito (my car) dying on me. Also it included a bottle of water and a banh mi.

To the meat of the sandwich. We (me and S) got ready and grabbed a snack a drove towards the arena. Oh my goodness as we got closer the more excited I got. I basically was yelling to S the whole time of different things that we saw...
One of the times I'm yelling and S is like dood stop


Right after I yelled, "THE RED CARPET!!!!!" with the window open... She was pretty annoyed. Haha

We've arrived! 

Some of the "hip and trendy" fashion... so weird

Deadmau5 outfit!!!

I walked where Ms. Ross walked... 

One part of the stage!
David Guetta :)

One of the very long parts of waiting

Chris Brown... The boy can dance but I still don't like him

Foo Fighters

And then I flew home. On the smallest plane I've been on in the US. Probably one of the best Los Angeles trips I've ever had. So ends my first Grammys. Hopefully not my last.

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